Terms of use
• It is a free application where you can easily access the latest sports forecasts.
• You can see free estimates added daily.
Confidentiality Agreement
1. Terms of Use: Please read the terms below to use this application. If you do not agree to these terms, we recommend that you do not use the Application. If you have started using the application, you agree to the terms of use. The terms set forth hereinafter from the moment you begin to use will be a binding Agreement between you and the Owner on the use of this Application and Services. 
 2. Adding Special Terms and Conditions with Changes:   The application owner reserves the right to make changes in the conditions of use here without prior notice at any time. Since the amendments and additions are binding on the parties, this page must be regularly visited to be informed of the latest conditions of use. The use of this application, after such modifications, means that such provisions and changes are accepted. A number of additional terms and conditions may apply to the use of or interaction with certain places in the application. We reserve the right to make changes on these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. The use of these places on the application after such changes can be considered to be subject to such special terms and conditions. The results of the estimates given in the application may have been concluded incorrectly by the editor.
3. No Warranty:   This application is presented as is and does not include any written or verbal guarantee, in the broadest manner permitted by law. The Applicant declares that there is no guarantee in writing or verbal, including but not limited to a specific purpose (including implied terms such as adequate quality, fitness for purpose or tariff compliance) or warranties of infringement . The Application Holder does not guarantee that the functions and services contained in this application are error-free, that defects are eliminated, or that the application itself does not contain any virus or other harmful content along with the server used to deliver the application. The Estimated results added by the App Owner to the system are all just aguess, and there is no intention of encouraging any betting play. Although the estimates are completely personal, it does not guarantee that the results are exactly the same as the prediction.
– Scorestradamus is not an online gambling operator, or a gambling platform of any kind. We are simply here to provide information about sports betting for entertainment purposes only. Although we talk about betting online on our app it is the responsibility of all visitors to this application to check current local laws in their own area or country before doing any gambling online. It is your responsibility to know and follow your local laws in place. Although we try our best to provide accurate information on Scorestradamus, we cannot be held responsible for any inaccurate or incorrect information which is posted on our app. By visiting our application you confirm that you understand that it is possible to lose some or all monies used when betting on sports or doing any gambling. You cannot hold Scorestradamus responsible for any such loses. Our application is here to provide entertainment and should be viewed as that and nothing more.
– In this application (Scorestradamus) given sports estimates do not qualify to bet. The odds shown are only an approximation.  Predictions and predictions about sports matches are transmitted to users.
-This application (Scorestradamus) does not support any websites or apps that play illegal bets
4. Prohibition of interference: It is forbidden to violate or attempt to infringe the security of its applications and services. In such violations, you may be penalized and a public action can be filed. Any alleged infringement shall be investigated by the Applicant and, if suspected of an unlawful violation, shall be cooperated with the relevant legal authorities to conduct the investigation . The security of the application shall be deemed to have been infringed without limitation under the following conditions:
• Log in or attempt to log on to a server or account that does not have access rights,
• Seizure of data that is not owned by the user or that is not made available to the user, or attempting to benefit from unauthorized services,
• Initiate unauthorized data search in any system, subsystem or network, search for data or find an open point in system security,• Dealing with security or authorization systems without a valid authorization, ‘hacking’ attempt, modification or otherwise violating the system by illegal infringements,
• A computer or an application or the operation of the services offered to disrupt, damage, or to prevent the direction and content of the infected (Trojan horse – ‘ Trojan Horses’, worm-‘ worms’, time bomb-‘time bombs, cancelbots, etc.) or use of other computer programming elements,• Intervention of any system, data or information, preventing it from working or deciphering it,
• There is no limitation on any computer system to be overloaded by creating a network traffic (‘overloading’, ‘flooding’, ‘mailbombing’) to cause the system to become inoperable and even through the ‘crashing’ of the system. Prevent service to a user, host, or network.
• Sending e-mail messages, bulk commercial advertisements or chain letters with the same or similar content to one or more e-mail groups,
• Use of the Application and Services to improperly take over the rights of others, copyright, trademark, patent or other proprietary rights,In the event that it has been established that the above actions have been taken, the access to the Application, Service, and the users, users and members is terminated. The person or persons who violate the offense are liable under the law, in respect of financial or criminal penalties against the person or Application Owner whose right has been violated.  5. Other Prohibited Actions:   Other actions that are prohibited under the use of the Application or Services are as follows:
• Using the Application or Services is illegal, damaging; uncomfortable and harassing; any material that is slander, slander, threat or hate, or any other objectionable material, infringes children’s private or other rights to others, or is not to be used in the Application and Services under its sole discretion. sending by mail, e-mail or other means,
• Sending an e-mail to people who have reported that they do not wish to communicate with the other party,
• To act in a manner that would violate any applicable law or provision or cause a public action against it,
• To use the name of any person, institution or organization in other mail tools unfairly to E-mail; identify or misrepresent your identity or company name in any manner whatsoever;• Helping to deal with misleading trade or to allow or undertake the aforementioned actions.6. Services:   There are free services in the application. The Application Owner reserves the right to charge free services. We reserve the right to temporarily or permanently remove any or all of the Services.  
7. Information: Practice owner, the application will include information / content and does not guarantee the accuracy of the forecasts and commitments. According to these information and explanations, the people who made the initiative cannot host hostility due to the results of their own initiatives. The Application Owner may change or disable all information, estimates, design or part of the Application on the Application without notice. 
 8. Usage of Application:   The application is presented to the users as is, and no special guarantee is given to the Application user. Persons who access the application have the right to make or not to take any action according to any information contained in this Application. The legal consequences of the decision on this matter are entirely owned by the users. The information contained in the application, all kinds of text, pictures and estimates in any form, printed or electronic media without specifying the source and without permission. All rights reserved. Except as expressly provided herein, no part of this Application may be reproduced in any way (including, but not limited to, print, disc, other site, or any other means of download), (including the distribution of copies), may not be reproduced, distributed, or published. or its contents may not be altered or destroyed.
9. User Information:   Your user information can be used in any form for user security and some statistical evaluations. They can be classified and stored on a database. This information; This information is limited to information such as the identity, address, e-mail address, phone, area of activity, IP address, which part of the Site is visited, domain name type, browser type, date and time. User may install some information called bilgisayar cookie “on his computer or phone when he is connected to the App or when using it. With this information, the visit will be customized and the application will have the opportunity to recognize the user in advance . If desired, you can delete or block this information from your computer or phone.  
1. Application Terms of Use: This application from the moment you start using the application (Scorestradamus) and other related sites and this application out or certain services offered through this application, and access to functions and will be entitled to use. Your use of these Applications and Services means that you agree to the Terms of Use (included in the Scorestradamus application). Do not use this Application or Services if you believe that you cannot comply with the Terms of Use and the obligations set forth in the confidentiality provisions set forth herein. Because the App Owner is an independent person who works on his behalf and account; In the event that you accept the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy and agree to any use of this Application, the Application Holder shall have no responsibility for any transaction you make. Changes will be made on this page to be aware of the nature of the information collected during use, how it is used and where it is shared with others. We reserve the right to make changes in the written Privacy Policy without prior notice and it is necessary to read the Privacy Policy regularly and carefully.  
2. Terms of Use:   If you choose our application, you are subject to the Privacy Policy and Application Terms of Use hereunder, including any disputes, damages and application of the judicial provisions arising under your visit and confidentiality commitment. 
3. Confidentiality of User Information:   Any material or information that is considered confidential or intellectual or proprietary, may not be sent to this Application or transmitted to another location through this Application. Any material sent or transmitted in this Application or transmitted through this Application shall be deemed not to be confidential or special. In terms of the material provided, you make the right to use, distribute, transmit, display, publicly present and reproduce this information in an unrestricted and non-terminated manner. 
 4. Violation of Confidentiality Conditions : In case of non-compliance with the confidentiality conditions or attempted to violate the rules, the Applicant may suspend or terminate the User’s access to the Applications and Services without prior notice, with the right to deny or delete the information contained in the system, and reserves the right to change (not required). Any violation or direct breach of the Terms by a third party acting on behalf of the User, or in the event of a direct breach, shall be deemed to have occurred.